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Your Youthful Story Begins.

Beautify Your Skin With Nature's Secret Armor

Microalgae naturally produce astaxanthin into a “red armor” to protect their DNA and cells to survive severe environmental conditions. Similarly, using astaxanthin as a key ingredient, the Astarism facial serum helps support the skin’s natural internal renewal process by protecting it from damage caused by daily environmental exposure and weathering.

Patented Formulation Technology

By itself, natural astaxanthin is difficult to apply as a topical solution. The Astarism facial serum use a patented detergent-free technology and formulation to arrive at a stable emulsion of natural astaxanthin, which enables the essence of the serum to penetrate all of layers of the skin.

Just One Step Before Your Usual Care

The Astarism facial serum is intended to be the basis of your skin conditioning regiment. We recommend that you use it just after using your facial cleanser, and before applying your usual skin care products, such as essences, moisturizers, or sunscreens. In this way, Astarism boosts the skin’s base condition for your skin care to work on. For even more effective results on your complexion, we recommend that you use it in conjunction with taking Astavita –the dietary supplement.  Both products contain natural astaxanthin so that you are working towards a more supple and youthful skin from the inside out and from the outside in.

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